GWN Advisor Resources


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GWN provides each advisor with complete access to their data. This includes all commission information and client information – all of their transactions, values and prices. Our information is available to you anywhere, anytime and, most importantly, at your time and leisure. GWN’s comprehensive Web site will provide you with the information that is vital to your practice. You’ll have complete freedom and flexibility, as well as the foundation to view this information your way. After all, you’ve worked hard to acquire it, it is our job to maintain it and provide you with the access.


Each advisor seeks different views. We have provided you with the interactive tools to accomplish this with an easy-to-use  selection process that is available for real-time viewing and downloading (this information will easily import into many of today’s contact or client management software). GWN believes that you are the best information source for your clients. All of the views are available to your clients via a private label approach from your Web site or simply by attaching your logo. This insures that you, and not us, are being promoted to your clients. Simply let your clients know how to access the information and the system will walk them through the easy, one-step sign up procedures.


  • Interactive Consolidated Statements
  • Robust Client Data Mining
  • Client Reporting and Tracking
  • Automated Data Downloads
  • Commission on Demand (All Levels)
  • Interactive Business Tracking
  • On-line Employer Management
  • Commission Research and Tracking
  • Client Management Tools
  • Marketing & Educational Seminars
  • Interactive Industry Education
  • Interactive Firm Element